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The Birchall and Taylor workshop is a treasure trove of watch making tools we have acquired over the years – some new, some historic and some we have even created ourselves during our quest to deliver the very highest standards possible.


The shots below give you an insight into some of the detailed work undertaken at the workshop.

Case Finishing

Case finishing is something we take very seriously, going to the extent to create our own polishing machines to achieve the best results. Our cases feature challenging contrasting satin and polished edges, each watch case takes many hours to polish with a variety of processes. Notably our watches are given a horizontal satin grain between the lugs, which is only possible by hand.

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We are very proud to join the ranks of a very small amount of watchmakers who make their own hand finished hands. Each hand takes us approximately 20 hours to finish, by first shaping the hand with a file and then polishing with pegwood and diamond paste. Each hand is made of two components, a steel black polished boss (in the middle) and the tempered flank, existing in either blue or purple.

Handmade Hands