Tips to Avoid Garbage Disposal Problem

Garbage disposals are the complex machines which work effectively to get rid of  unwanted leftovers as well as expired food. Don’t use it for granted, if not maintained properly it gets  clogged and stops working. Regular maintenance of your drains and garbage disposal will keep you free from stress. If the garbage disposal fails, the leftovers will leave your kitchen and produce foul odor. Learning about basic garbage disposal care will help you to deal with the problem.

Follow the below tips to extend the life of your garbage disposal and prevent clogs and jams.

Run Disposal Regularly

Run your garbage disposal on a regular basis.If there’s nothing to grind up, just turn on the water and run the disposal once a day to move the parts around. Without regular care, the disposal can freeze up, rust, or corrode; if there’s any leftover food inside it can harden, leading to odors and clogs.

Run cold water

Make sure to run cold water when using the garbage disposal. Though hot water works good for cleaning, it will melt the food in your disposal. So the waste will cling to the sides. The cold water will harden food thus making it easier for the garbage disposal to grind and push it out the drain pipe. 

Keep the garbage disposal clean

Garbage disposals can get dirty often. Sludge may accumulate on the blades or sides of the device. To feel free from bad odors use icing vinegar into ice cubes and switch on the disposal.

Avoid harsh chemicals because they can harm the parts of the device. Use natural cleaners down the disposal to improve the odor. Pouring baking soda down the drain can initiate a normal chemical reaction.

Cut Waste into Small Pieces

Don’t throw large chunks of meat or fruit in your garbage disposal. Instead, cut waste into smaller chunks and put them down. If you run it for a long time it may get worse, break it altogether.

What Not to Put in a Garbage Disposal

Grease or oil – This can solidify inside a garbage disposal and create huge clogs in the drain pipe.

Potato peels – Contain starch which sticks at the sides of disposal, thus it could be hard to flush out into the drain pipe.

Glass, plastic, metal, or paper can jam or reduce the blade efficiency of a garbage disposal.

Big bones, seeds, or pits can also dull the blades, jam the disposal, or become clogged in the drain pipe.

Egg shells can stick to the pipes and create a clog. 

Pasta and rice also contain starch which sticks into the disposal. Water can expand them in the disposal and cause a clog.

Follow these steps and avoid garbage disposal repair for years!

Taking care of this appliance is very important, so clean it consistently, and take other required actions.Use enough water when running the garbage disposal to clean the pipes thoroughly.If you can’t resolve by yourself get assistance from the professional plumbers and maintain the garbage disposal.

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