How to Bleed Air From a Two Post Car Lift


Problems with a two-post car lift

While Mechanic Superstore site two-post car lifts are safe and reliable, they are not without their problems. These issues often stem from bad decisions. In most cases, you can prevent them yourself. To keep yourself from spending a fortune on repair costs, follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. If you're unsure of how to install your new lift, check the manual to be sure.

First, make sure the contact pads on the two-post lift are matched. This is the most important part of using a two-post lift. Make sure the swing arms are not pointing in the wrong direction or the lift won't rise properly. Also, be sure to check the center of gravity of the vehicle before raising it.

Secondly, make sure that the lift latches are adjusted properly. If they don't, the lift could be stuck. This could mean that there's a leak in the air line, which would need to be repaired. It might also be due to insufficient air pressure, which can be remedied by raising the air pressure.

If you're unsure of the parts or components of your lift, you may want to hire a professional mechanic. They will be more skilled and knowledgeable in identifying problems. For instance, a two-post lift may be more difficult to work on than a four-post lift. Likewise, a two-post lift can be more difficult to access the underside of a car.

Solutions to troubleshoot

Bleed air is a common issue on two post car lifts, and there are a few simple solutions to troubleshoot the problem. First, you need to make sure the air valve is open. This is done by pushing the "DOWN" button on the lift's control panel and holding it for at least 60 seconds. Afterward, release the air valve. Repeat the process as necessary.

Positioning of the lift

The proper positioning of the car lift is essential for proper operation. Before you begin a repair, make sure that the lift is in level position and that the cables are equalized. After lifting several cars, the cables will stretch and require readjustment. Also, make sure that the locks on the lift are locked in the level position.

The positioning of the 2 post car lift should be performed in accordance with the directions in the operator's manual. It is best to start by making sure that the area is free of obstructions. Positioning the car lift in a level location is essential to avoid causing damage to the vehicle. Once you are sure that the car lift is level, move the swing arms inward and backwards.

The next step is to remove any air that may be present in the hydraulic system. To do this, you should raise the lift to about 12 inches. Then, you can lower the lift using the power unit. You can also release the air by holding down the valve for about 15 seconds and allowing the air to escape through the vented cap.

The recommended distance between the car lift and the bay door depends on the type of lift. The ideal distance is around 13 feet. This will allow you to drive the car in and out of the shop without the car sticking out of the back door.

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